Saturday, April 24, 2010

Restaurants in Rome


Romans love to eat. Even i also love to eat and i explored many restaurants in the city . I also enjoyed the best italian food in the hotels Rome After enjoying an pleasant trip And they love to eat good food. Despite their easy-going “ whatever happens, happens” attitude, they can become really picky when it comes to food. The city centre has obviously the highest concentration of tourists so it can quite easy to fall into the tourist traps but if you see a restaurant packed with locals, go for it, as you can’t be wrong. Most likely, it will be a good place. In Rome, you’ll find out that Italians are more than just pasta and pizza. The hundreds and hundreds of restaurants of this city will delight you with all kind of gastronomic specialties. Some of the best restaurnats was also located near my hotels Rome . , where i enjoyed my food while staying in the city.

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